Strategic Directions


Strategic Directions

Brand the Alumni Association (FACT) as an organization responsive to the needs of alumni relative to their careers, desire for lifelong learning and engagement, social interactions, and willingness to provide volunteer service and/or support to strengthen and advance the community.

Continually assess the interests and needs of alumni on the basis of their multiple affinities and in order to better understand and serve the dynamic, diverse, and multifaceted community of FACT.

Leverage, where possible, the experience, capability and dedication of all alumni to the contribution of the society in general.

Provide programs and platforms such as Reunions, alumni chapters, periodic informational publications, Alumni Directory and records maintenance, community service and other fundamental services that engage alumni with the university and community in general.

Maintain an effective Alumni Association Board of Directors/ Trustees by continually infusing interested and dynamic alumni leadership that provides professional experience, creative thinking, open-mindedness and diverse personal and cultural backgrounds for the benefit of the Alumni.

Develop informational materials, training, resources or other support that attracts volunteer participation in alumni advisory to help attract prospective students for employment opportunities.

Maintain strong relationships with the university’s senior management and administrative units to continually be aware of the short- and long-term goals and needs of the university.

Provide a broad array of partnered or out-sourced services that meet the diverse intellectual, social and professional needs of the alumni community, including but not limited to Global Networking events, career resources, directories.

Recognize alumni, faculty and students for their service, achievements and professional excellence in order to honor and showcase them within the Alumni family.

Measure, evaluate or otherwise attempt to assess the effectiveness of each strategic initiative to determine what benefit may be afforded to the Alumni Association and its membership.